Rainbow Timber Tower

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These beautiful building slats are incredibly dynamic. Children can build colourful buildings with them, create stunning patterns, play "Jenga" or use them in colour sorting games. They are great for enhancing your child's creativity and fine motor skills. 

  • Perfect for 2+ years
  • Each block measures 9cm x 3cm x 1cm.
  • Made from sustainable wood (FSC-certified, European wood)
  • Water-based colour stain which retains the natural features of the wood


About the brand

Glückskäfer toys are made in Europe from sustainable materials. The company promotes healthy development in children - toys should be educational but allow children to choose their own learning pace. With their traditional products, such as building blocks and wooden shapes, Glückskäfer provides a calming and aesthetically beautiful contrast to many of today’s overstimulating, commercialised toys.