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Plan World Animal Set

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Children will pretend the animals all talk together and will create stories of them living in the forest. The cute little play set comes with a  fox, owl, bear, fish, rabbit, stag, beaver and squirrel, as well as a mountain, cave and waterfall feature, plus trees and logs. 

  • Perfect for 3 + years
  • Made from natural rubberwood and eco-friendly PlanWood (which is made from recycled rubberwood sawdust)
  • Non-toxic colours
  • The box measures 18 cm x 16 cm x 4 cm

About the brand 

Plan Toys offer sustainable, safe, eco-friendly wooden toys. Plan Toys are ethically made in Thailand from rubber trees that no longer produce latex. Some of their products are made from PlanWood – created by compressing sawdust, a by-product from processing rubber wood. Plan Toys also produce their own formaldehyde free glue and they operate carbon neutral.