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Reusable Short Bamboo Straws

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Drink directly from nature with these beautiful reusable straws made from certified organic bamboo. No inks, no dyes - and no more throw-away straws.

  • Ethically made, fair working standards
  • 100% certified organic bamboo
  • Set of 6 reusable straws of varying thicknesses, plus a cleaning brush
  • 12 cm long, perfect for children & adults
  • Eco-Choice Award Winner "Most Innovative Product" 2015


About the brand

Bambu make high-quality, eco-friendly homeware products from organic bamboo. The company promotes fair and safe working standards and a green supply chain. Bambu products are 'made at source'; they manufacture in the same areas where the bamboo grows. Their design and material choices result in safe and hard-wearing products for the entire family that stand the test of time.