Colourful Shape Train

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This stunning stacking train would be a highlight in any nursery. The blocks can be stacked in lots of different ways, making the train look different each time.

As little ones grow older, they will start to sort according to shapes and colours, training dexterity, shape and colour awareness in children. The high quality water-based glazing paints bring out the beautiful natural characteristics of the wood. The surface of the unpainted wood is a bit rougher, making it less slippery and easier for children to stack. Of course the 22 blocks can also be used for all sorts of creative play by themselves. 

  • Suitable for 10+ months
  • Made from sustainably sourced wood (FSC certified European wood)
  • Made in Europe
  • 3 dowels and 22 blocks in different shades of red, orange, green and blue
  • Measures 50 cm x 9 cm x 12 cm

About the brand

Glückskäfer toys are made in Europe from sustainable materials. The company promotes healthy development in children - toys should be educational but allow children to choose their own learning pace. With their traditional products, such as building blocks and wooden shapes, Glückskäfer provides a calming and aesthetically beautiful contrast to many of today’s overstimulating, commercialised toys.