Hooray! We are online!

Hooray! We are online!

| by Jana Nikolin

We have spent months selecting earth- and people-friendly brands, picking safe, adorable and educational products, partnering with two amazing charities, writing product descriptions, taking photos and buying eco-friendly packaging. Now, we are so excited to finally welcome you to our new shop.

We want little ones to play and be comforted by toys and essentials that are good for them and the world they grow up in.

Click here to read more about our shop, how we take responsibility and how we support the first steps in the lives of vulnerable children in the UK and around the world.

To mark the launch of our website we would love to share with you a 10% reduction voucher for all our products. Simply use the voucher code *happyfirstmonthat check-out, valid until 3rd September.

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