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When toddlers throw tantrums and push boundaries, it can be hard to respond calmly. Mum Blogger Amy Collins has been guided by the respectful parenting approach since her baby has transitioned into a toddler. She says this has had a profound impact on her parenting and has changed the way her toddler responds to her. Here she shares her top advice and gives insight into what it means in everyday life. Guest Post by Amy Collins If I had to sum up my experience of respectful parenting in one simple sentence, it would be that I simply consider how I...

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Eco-Toys, Gift Guide, Guest Blog -

When selecting a new toy, you will want to make sure that it is bringing the most value to a child’s development. Mum Blogger Amy Collins draws on her own experiences as a parent, to offer some wonderful advice on toys that support and engage children of different age groups. Guest Blog by Amy Collins Buying toys for a loved one or even your own little one can be a challenge! There are so many options available and sometimes it’s hard to know which toys are best for which stage of development. Especially if this is your first baby or...

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Fair Trade, Giveaway, Special Offers -

❤️ Today, people around the world are celebrating the achievements of the Fair Trade movement and are raising awareness for the lives of workers and small producers in developing economies. As an ethical business, earth- and people-friendly production is at the heart of what we stand for. To celebrate, we have an AMAZING GIVEAWAY for you. Fair Trade tackles the injustices of conventional trade, whereby those already in the weakest positions tend to be discriminated against. The Fair Trade movement stands for empowering workers and producers through fairer pay, more self determination, gender equality and sustainable production methods. The World...

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Maternal Health, Partner Charity -

With Mother's Day coming up, the life-saving work of our partner charity Women and Children First (WCF) deserves a spotlight. I recently met their amazing and engaged team in London to discuss how WCF supports disadvantaged rural communities around the world to make childbirth safer. Why do Women still die giving birth? “It is true, 300,000 women still die every year in pregnancy and childbirth – that’s one woman every two minutes. In the rural areas in developing countries in which our charity works, women are still dying of easily preventable problems. A lack of infrastructure and access to health...

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Eco Essentials, Eco-Toys, Special Offers -

When you choose a gift for a special little person, do you wonder how long they will actually play, use and cherish it before they grow out of it? Perhaps a younger sibling will fall in love with it. But giving a present that will bring joy for years to come is definitely a big plus - not least with parents, who watch the piles of outgrown toys get bigger! It’s often very unpredictable, and outright surprising, which toys children adopt as their favourite ones and love until they fall to pieces. But we have some toys in our shop...

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